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Smart Spiral Volume Automatic Curling Iron - UrCoolest

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Smart Spiral Volume Automatic Curling Iron

About this item
  1. Surface piano painting technology, noble and elegant,Upgraded 1” larger barrel and larger U-shaped slot help you curl more hair at each time. This automatic curling iron is suitable for long hair and short hair;
  2. Automatic hair absorption design, advanced heating element, no damage to hair quality,No skill is needed, all you need to do is put some hair in, press the side button and hold it for a while, then you can get yourself charming wave hair;
  3. Computer LIQUID crystal display, clear setting of time, temperature and direction;
  4. The time can be set for 8-15 seconds, and the crimping effect can be set to different degrees;
  5. The automatic hair curler provides 4 different temperature settings, from 320°F to 430°F, to fit different hair types. 8s/11s/13s/15s auto curling time can easily meet your different hairstyle needs;
  6. Fast heating system, perm without long waiting time;
  7. Can set the crimp direction, can be inside the volume, outside the volume, alternate volume; Anti-scald, anti-shock, anti-tangling, anti-pull hair design, safe to use; Automatic shutdown without operation for 60 minutes, instant heating, high efficiency and energy saving;
  8. Adopt imported high-efficiency brushless DC motor, stable and quiet and long service life;
  9. 360° rotating power supply tail line, making self-directed curl more convenient and comfortable.
Style Your Hair in 6 Steps
  • Step 1: Long press the power button for 3s to switch on auto hair curler.
  • Step 2: Select the temperature you need, wait for pre-heating finished.
  • Step 3: Select and smooth a strand of your hair (1cm-4cm diameter is best), put into the slot and pull it downward.
  • Step 4: Long press the L/R button for 7-8s, release the direction button when the hair totally wrapped in.
  • Step 5: After releasing the direction button, please don't release your hair. Hold the hair curler still. It will start timer with 1 beep of 8s/11s/13s, 3 beep of 15s.
  • Step 6: Press the opposite button to release your hair from the curling slot.

Warm Tips

  • Tips 1: If hair stuck in the slot, just press the opposite button and it will rotate in opposite direction to release your hair.
  • Tips 2: Please only put hair in ONE side of the barrel. Do Not put too much hair in Both sides.
  • Tips 3: This curler will stop work to prevent the hair from being tangled if there is too much hair.
  • Tips 4: Press the direction button and it will start to wind. When it stop winding, release the button but don't release your hair. Then wait for curl fixing until it’s at your desired time.
  • Tips 5: Keep the curler closed for 10-20 seconds to achieve best results.
  • Tips 6: Do not touch the heating barrel when heating up the equipment.
  • Tips 7: Do not use the curling iron for wet hair or use it with wet hands.
  • Tips 8: When heating the equipment, please place the equipment on a heat-resistant, stable surface and keep away from flammable materials to avoid accidents.