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Dear customer
It is recommended that you wash your hair with warm water when using our products
In order to better repair your beautiful hair, we give you the knowledge of hair science;
Hair is composed of three parts: hair scale skin (hair composition 10% -15%), hair core-epidermis cells (75% to 90% of hair composition), hair medulla.
The hair scales are used to protect the hair core and inhibit the evaporation and loss of moisture and hair nutrients.
The medulla is located in the center of the hair, and the inside is a hollow and hollow structure. These holes have a thermal insulation effect.
The hair scales are normally closed, using our ADVANCED MOLECULAR SHAMPOO will automatically open and absorb nutrients.
We often use hair dryers and ion clips for perming and dyeing hair frequently, which can damage the hair scales and make the hair Lin pieces fall off, so that the nutrients of the hair core are lost, resulting in dry and dull hair.
Hair repair is divided into three processes:
1. Open the hair scales
2. Supplement the nutrients of the core cells
3. Close the hair scales
Our ADVANCED MOLECULAR SHAMPOO can effectively help you to open the hair scales, ADVANCED MOLECULAR HAIR ROOT TREATMENT HAIR MASK can provide nutrients to the hair core, and close the hair scales. Combined use can achieve the best repair effect.
1. It is recommended to wash your hair with warm water and use our matching shampoo.
Our shampoo can effectively help the hair to fully open the scales of the hair while cleaning the hair dirt, which is conducive to the absorption of the hair mask (don't use shampoo at will, strong cleaning shampoo will damage the hair)
2. After washing your hair, use our hair mask when you fully open the hair scales. It can effectively repair damaged hair scales and supplement the nutrients lost from the hair core. The residence time of the hair care film depends on the degree of hair damage. For moderately damaged hair, it is recommended to stay for 10 minutes;If the hair is severely damaged, it is recommended to stay for two 10 minutes. At the end of the first 10 minutes, apply our hair mask to the hair again and leave it for ten minutes before washing it off. This is the conclusion we have reached through many scientific experiments.
3. Do not use special hot water for cleaning. Warm water is better. Do not use shampoo again after rinsing it off.
4. It is recommended to use a hair dryer or air-dry naturally.