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Universal endorsement campaign

by Xinding Ltd 1 min read

Universal endorsement campaign

Universal endorsement campaign

Have you already purchased one of our products?

Has your hair recovered well after using these products?

If so, would you like to become a spokesperson for our products?

Campaign prizes:

5 randomly selected customers: $100 voucher

All participating prizes: 50% discount code

Event rules.

1. Hold urcoolest hair mask and take a photo of your experience and repair results.

2. Share on social media youtube, ins, and facebook. Topic: #urcoolest

3. Send your video to our campaign email address

Email address:

You are free to do as much as you like, or you can refer to our advertising videos for filming.

Email format:

Video taken:

Facebook link:

Instagram link:

Youtube link:


Closing date: 30 June 2022 at 11.59pm. We will send you an exclusive voucher via email for those who have entered the winning prize. Enter to be the face of our campaign!

Submission email: